Ministries, Candidacy and Holy Orders, Summer 2012

The seminary year ended in the usual and wonderful way, with many members of the community taking significant steps in their journey towards priestly ministry. It reminds us of the reason why we are all here and fills us with hope and thanksgiving to God.

Our congratulations go to:

Colin Groombridge and Mark Wharton, who received the ministry of Lectorate;


Thomas Bakulumpagi (right), John Browne, Ross Bullock, Philip Carroll, Colin Groombridge, Mark Higgins, Jacek Kostuch, Dermott O’Gorman and David Pearce, who received the ministry of Acolytate;



Samuel Davey, Simon Dray, Harry Heijveld, Thomas Lynch and Paul Keys, who were admitted to Candidacy for Holy Orders;



Revv. John Gilbert, Nicolas von Malaise, Stuart Meyer, Matthew Bemand-Qureshi and Nicholas De Keyser, ordained Deacons;



and finally Frs Kurt Barragan, Oladele Craig, Chris Dobson and Alan Sharpe (not pictured), ordained Priests (also to Fr Alan Burgess, who received priestly formation at the Beda College in Rome and was ordained with Frs Kurt and Ola).

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