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St John’s


The St John’s Association was founded in 1899, nine years after the opening of St John’s Seminary - Wonersh.


The original purpose of the Association was to gather together past students who had been ordained priests, to celebrate their time and Wonersh, and to maintain links with the Seminary.


As the years have gone by, the Association has broadened its membership to include those associated with the Seminary in a variety of ways. With the broadening of membership has come a widening of purpose for the Association – which aims to build up and maintain a spirit of unity between the Seminary, the clergy (deacons, priests & bishops), and those who have studied or taught at Wonersh – whether they be or ordained or lay. All are welcome and encouraged to join.


Also, over the years since its foundation, the Association has been able to help the Seminary and the students in many practical ways, providing financial and material help for numerous projects.


The Association is overseen by a Council, which meets several times a year at the Seminary, and the Association itself enjoys a number of occasions each year at the Seminary, which usually combine the spiritual and the social.


For further details of upcoming events, or for details of how to join the Association, please contact the Secretary & Treasurer

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